My Story

Hi!  My name is Kim Young.  I am married to the love of my life, Jim and we live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with our dog, Buster.   I am a Reiki Master, a fitness coach, certified Home Stager, animal advocate and Holistic Nutrition Specialist.

We had a wonderful life – we were blessed with the ability to retire early and pursue our passions.  We built our dream home beside the lake where my husband spent many summers as a boy, and when our weather turned cold, we traveled to Arizona. A few weeks before Christmas of 2014, we got the dreaded call – my husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  We were shocked and went through a multitude of emotions, from disbelief to anger and then fear, as you can well imagine.  Then we dried our tears and got to work.  We wanted to have a firm plan to attack this cancer.  We studied pages upon pages of research, watched countless documentaries, searched hundreds of websites, read piles of books and weighed our options.

We eventually decided on an integrative approach for Jim’s cancer.  Before, during and after Jim’s surgery, he underwent various alternative treatments at a healing clinic in Arizona and we incorporated their diet and nutritional supplement recommendations into our daily routine.

I had been studying holistic health and nutrition for a number of years, and my education was a definite benefit in Jim’s treatment.  From preparing meals for his initial strict raw vegan diet to understanding the rationale behind his numerous vitamin and mineral supplements.  During this time, we also learned about many other “alternative” holistic health protocols.  After learning about a new, natural, treatment, we would immediately begin our research as we wanted to fully understand the “therapy” before adding it to our own protocol.  With every new addition, I  wondered “why does nobody know about this!”…and this is one of my main reasons for starting this blog.  I want to share what we have learned during this journey, as well as in my years of education and research with you.

Any health crisis is overwhelming, but there are some safe, easy and inexpensive things you can do today to help boost your immune system and give your body the power to do what it inherently does best…prevent disease and heal itself.  I know how devastating it can be to hear that a loved one has cancer or any other illness for that matter, and my hope is that by sharing what I’ve learned with you, you can make some changes to your lifestyle, so you won’t ever have to hear those words.

Fast forward two years, Jim is doing just fine.

About Buster…he is 15 years old and we believe he is a Newfoundland/Border Collie.  He came to us while I was working with an animal rescue group in Calgary, Alberta, he was about 5 weeks old at that time and has been with us ever since.  We love him to bits and I will continue to add photos of him to the “gallery” from time to time… as you can see, he is very photogenic!

I hope you will be part of my tribe, as we work toward creating a happy, healthy, balanced life for ourselves and our families.

To your best health!